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Over the summer, we have found some things that will be helpful as you continue the transition to dual network access. 

PLEASE start referring to your insurance plan as the MEUHP plan. 
The MEUHP logo, is on your ID card; this will be helpful to all providers as you seek care and treatment. 

When using Cox Providers remind them they are part of your network. 

Remember to register at myCigna.com so you have access to your ID card, claims info, cost estimator & to see your network providers. 

Download the app for telemedicine and 24/7 access on your mobile device. 
This is an AWESOME APP!!! Please use it!!! 

Your network is Open Access Plus as well as the Cox Health Network

If you have questions about specific providers, or confusion at the 
provider office, please contact the following: 

Cox Health Network lnformation--269-4636 
Mercy Network Welcome Line -- 844-841-5888 
CIGNA customer service line is 800-244-6224-www.mycigna.com 
FTJ and MEUHP Customer Service 1-800-821-7303-www.ftj.com 
BPJ for questions, claims and advocacy 887-3550, request to speak with someone from LR Benefits, MEUHP or bward@bpj.com 

You can use retail clinics such as Cox Clinic at Wal-Mart or Hy-Vee, the Minute Clinics at CVS Stores and Family Medical Walk-In Clinics 

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